Month: June 2016

Wall Mural of the Week #3

Designmywalls Wall Mural of the Week #3 This week’s Wall Mural of the Week… Our Own Photo! Yep that’s the Designmywalls Creative Director! We created something that not only looks amazing but has meaning. His wife hasn’t exactly given him the green light to apply it at his house… just yet anyway! Whether it’s a photo […]

Build a bridge!

Well sort of… a Brooklyn Bridge Wall Mural! Thanks Anne for sending in a snap of your recently installed Designmywalls Wall Mural. A subtle, but attention grabbing way to transform your wall. ‘We have put the wallpaper up and absolutely love it, its perfect!!!’ – Anne Thanks for the awesome feedback Anne, it definitively suits your […]

Are you one of the lucky ones?

DO YOU LIVE ON THE BEAUTIFUL CENTRAL COAST OF NSW? We do! And if you do too, we’ll throw in FREE DELIVERY! And the reason is simple. Because if we hand deliver it ourselves, we aren’t constrained by pesky postage size and weight requirements. Therefore we can print a more efficient drops and save you money, while […]

From boring to amazing in 7 days!

Want to know how we print our wall murals? Answer: With a very large and very expensive printer! Thanks to Vivien in VIC, for sending in a pic of her finished product. An amazing rustic theme that works great with her new lounge. Vivien placed an order, and in less than a week it was […]