Month: August 2016

Our Fav Wall Mural ideas of All Time – #3

#3 – and we are back to the bedroom with this beautiful paint stripped fence paling Wall Mural. It reminds us of the beach and holiday’s with it’s calm and rustic feel. It creates a statement while carefully blending into the background. You almost feel that you are going to get splinters if you rub […]

Our Fav Wall Mural ideas of All Time – #4

#4 – is all about creating inspiration in what is usually a dull place. The office meeting room. We love this idea of turning this room into a tent. On top of a mountain! Not so sure about the Jandles though… But really when it comes to Wall Mural-ing up an office wall, absolutely anything […]

Our Fav Wall Mural ideas of All Time – #5

#5 – Birch Trees have been pretty popular with Australian Wall Murals and even wallpaper before that. Is has that ‘is it a pattern, or is it an image’ look to it in all its black and white beauty and go with nearly every interior theme that you have. It definitely deserves a place on […]

Our Fav Wall Mural ideas of All Time – #6

#6 – on our Fav’s list is a bit of Urban Jungle. Palm Fronds, Banana Leaves, anything that is tropical really. Is it old school? Yes! It’s definitely in right now and extremely popular. We love it in this designmywalls colour-set, but you could have it in any colour to match your decor. And with […]

Our Fav Wall Mural ideas of All Time – #7

#7 – of our Fav’s list of Wall Murals is our ever-popular Sunset Forest. The peering light create a really peaceful mood with a great depth of field. And the colours really fit in with any decor. You can order one of these in your size straight from our site, or from our Etsy Store: […]

Our Fav Wall Mural ideas of All Time – #8

So what’s our fav Murals ideas of all-time? Great question! We thought we would show you our Top 8 over the next 8 nights and see what you think, then we’ll release them on our homepage. #8 – Our first one was part of our last ‘Wall Mural of the Week’ vid that we just […]

Wall Murals of the Week #4

Are you sick of winter already? We are! All we want is a slice of paradise, so that’s our Removable Wall Mural Theme of the Week! Bring that beautiful feeling of clear blue water and white sand to you. Every day! So sit back, relax and here, have a Daiquiri. Or three! You’ve earned it…