Month: September 2016

The Artist in You

Are you a budding artist? Why not get us to turn your masterpiece into an amazing wall-of-art Wall Mural like Rami Jackson did! She wrote ‘Here is the finished wall. I am soooooo happy with how awesome it turned out. So easy to put up too. Thank you for helping me turn my crazy idea […]

Our Fav Wall Mural ideas of All Time – #1!!

#1 – And here it is trendsetters, our favourite Wall Mural idea of all time! …well right now anyway. Murals featuring NY are always popular, so it probably doesn’t come as a great surprise that we chose the Brooklyn Bridge. We love the detail in this one with its soft lights. The expanse of the […]

Our Fav Wall Mural ideas of All Time – #2

#2 – We’re getting closer to our favourite Wall Mural of all time. But first we need our number 2. And for us it’s a brick wall finish. You could go for any brick type that suits your decor, including white-washed or even crumbling bricks. We’ve gone for this NY apartment style. In Australia! It’s […]