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Wall Mural of the Week #2

Designmywalls Wall Mural of the Week Here’s amazing apartment that was crying out for a feature. And it’s got one, with this mega Wall Mural. Bring a nature wood texture into a clinical environment makes a huge statement. And was probably the cheapest piece in there! Just take your shoes off at the door…

The Real Cost of a Wallpaper Wall Mural

Say Sport, how much does one of those Wall Murals cost? Ah, we get this question a few times every day. It’s actually a simple calculation. Length X Width (in metres) Round the answer up to the nearest metre Multiply that by $59.50 (our sale price) Add in $25 for shipping, and there you have […]

Show us your Wall Murals!

Dale and Sally’s Designmywalls Story Designmywalls haven’t been around for a long time, but we are starting to get a few of our Wall Murals out there. Some choose to keep them private, so as to preserve their unique design. Not for home owners Sally and Dale, who know a good thing when they see it, so they […]

Wallpaper Wall Mural of the Week #1

Designmywalls Wallpaper Wall Mural of the Week! Every week, Designmywalls are going to vote for our favourite Wallpaper Wall Mural. It may be a real one, it might just be one we’ve seen. Or it may even be a Wall Mural that we’d even consider building an extra wall in our house just so we could […]

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