• This is an enjoyable DIY project, so take your time, and enjoy it!
    • Make sure the paint on the wall does not contain Teflon or silicon! If it does, you need a barrier coat before applying wall film.
    • Choose the right image for you. Make sure it’s a high quality image, as you’ll be seeing a lot of it!
    • Make sure the wall is clean! It’s so important. A clean, dry wall helps everything stick and stay stuck.
    • Bubbles will happen when applying. Stay calm and gently work them out as you go.
    • If a bubble appears after application, don’t worry, it happens. It may just be a not-so-clean bit of wall. The film is very resilient, so just softly ease the bubble out. Use a pin to create a tiny hole if need be. Repeat procedure if it returns.
    • Use a helper! Whether it’s for aligning the drops, or pulling the backing paper .They’re there to help. Use them.
    • Use your hands to feel for any bubbles or creases as you go.
    • Trim with a sharp knife! This is a woven polyester product and a unsharp knife will tear the material, not cut it. And that won’t look good.
    • If you find that the adhesive is not strong enough for your wall, try using a spray adhesive as well.
    • And lastly, remember that this will create an awesome eye-popping feature. It is not made by billion dollar manufacturing robots in a German factory. It is custom designed and hand-made by us, and applied by you. So stand back and enjoy what you have created.
Frequently Asked QuestionsFrequently Asked Questions

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