• Established in 2016, Design My Walls is an Australian, design and large scale interior wall mural printing business, proudly part of the One Spot Australia Pty Ltd group. Design My Walls is located at One Spot Print Shop 3/37 Central Coast Hwy, Gosford NSW 2250. 

  • No. Design My Walls posts within Australia only, with the exception of some remote islands.

  • All our Wallpaper Wall Murals are priced between only $49 and $56 per metre² (+GST) dependent on size ordered. Our standard rate is $70 per m² + GST, so cost varies depending on how much you order. We have a minimum quote of 3 square metres on custom orders. Our online ordering system will tell you how much your wall mural will cost, and of course there is no commitment to buy. Right now if you get a quote first you can pay as little as $49 per metre. FREE SHIPPING on quoted custom orders only over $299.

    Gallery Search & Order and Stock Image Search & Order charge at $56 per square metre.

  • Our wall murals are made of a premium textiled WallTEX self adhesive film. It is made from 100% Polyester woven fabric (not vinyl!) and printed using high quality Eco-Solvent inks. The Film is for interior use only, is unlaminated, repositional and removable for up to 6 months. It comes on a tinted adhesive, so it should cover whatever colour is on the wall before application. The matte finish also feels great to the touch, just like a huge wall of art!

    A self-adhesive WallART Satin Vinyl Wall Wall Film is available, which is great for retail & commercial applications. We do recommend a professional installation on orders over one drop. 

  • We endeavor to have a turn-around time of 2 working days after final payment is received and your Final Proof is approved. Occasionally, due to large orders or technical problems out of our control, this time may be longer.

  • All our wall murals are custom designed and printed for you. Because of that, Design My Walls cannot offer refunds on any product after an order and payment is made. However, if you are unhappy with your wall art please get in touch with us via email, and we’ll try to turn that frown, upside down! We will accept returns, and offer an exchange for incorrect, defective or damaged items only. Please thoroughly check mural before installation as we cannot replace item once it has been installed. Items must be returned, unused, in their original shipping tube within 14 days of receipt. We will repay the return shipping costs. Please contact us first before returning items.

    All deposits are non refundable. The amount is of course,  subtracted from the total amount owing on the final invoice.

  • Unfortunately no, We can only accept returns for incorrect, defective or damaged items, not change of mind.

  • We can print up to 1300mm wide. But for delivery and easy installation purposes we print each drop with a width of around 60cm unless otherwise instructed. Other widths up to 1 metre are possible under request, but may result in a $60 surcharge. Where possible, we print in equal width drops, with a 10mm overlap and 20mm excess at the bottom and the final drop.

  • Quick answer: whatever you choose! We have three options here at Designmywalls. 1)You can choose one of our images. Simply head to our Easy Order Page & Image Gallery and select the image you like, and order at the bottom of the page. 2)You can upload your own image in JPEG, TIFF, EPS or PDF format. Just a little tip though, a small image, from example your phone, blown up to the size of a wall, may not look very good at all. If in doubt, send the image our way via email and our highly experienced Creative Director will have a look and advise you further. 3) Use a stock image. Using an image from the millions available on stock image sites creates the best results. We recommend Shutterstock. Simply find your perfect image, tell us the image number and we will purchase it on your behalf and create your mural. Easy! 4) We can help you find one for you. Just head to the ‘contact us’ section and fill in the form, or phone us on (02)43261510, during business hours.

  • Absolutely. Simply head here and we will send some free ones for you! We will also include one for free in your mailing tube, when you make a purchase.

  • Flat, internal, clean surfaces. If your wall is dirty, clean it first! If you have just painted it, wait approx 4-6 weeks! Most importantly though, please ensure your wall paint does not contain Polymers like Teflon or silicon, which may cause the media to bubble or fail unless prepared with a water based barrier coat or undercoat first, before installation. An easy way to find out if your wall does contain these elements is to lightly spray the wall with water. If it beads, not runs, the paint contains silicon or Teflon. We also recommend using Isopropyl Alcohol or Isopropanol Prep Vinyl before installation. Avoid applying in excessively hot/or humid areas and conditions. Designmywalls hold no responsibility for the application of item or how it performs once hung. So please, if in doubt, try the test samples! It’s free to try and that’s what we designed them for.

  • Again as we have no idea what the condition or type of wall you’ll be applying your wall mural to, we can’t give any guarantees. Having said that though, if your wall was properly prepared and painted to begin with, it should come right off fine, leaving no stickiness or residue.

  • Yes it will. We include easy to follow instructions. It should be quicker than painting a wall, and it will look mind-blowingly better.

  • Design My Walls only designs, prints and delivers Custom Wall Murals for DIY installation. As easy as our Wall Murals are to apply, that may not suit your situation. No problem. We recommend having it installed by a professional Wallpaperer in your area. If you are in the Sydney area we recommend Alan from

    We can organise installation on the Central Coast, NSW. Please enquire, we’d be happy to help!

  • We recommend that you don’t hang your mural in an overly hot or humid environment. As this may lead to temporary loss of adhesion. 

  • To keep our wall murals DIY friendly, removable and repositional, our wall fabric only comes in one adhesive or tack level. If your environment or walls require you to have a stronger bond, we recommend using a Spray Adhesive (i.e. Selleys Kwik Grip Spray Contact Adhesive, available at Bunnings) to the required areas or the top 10cm of the panel to gain extra adhesion & tack.  This is a great way to securely fasten your wall mural and avoid peeling. Though please note, that once a spray adhesive is applied, your mural may no longer removable.

    • This is an enjoyable DIY project, so take your time, and enjoy it!
    • Make sure the paint on the wall does not contain Teflon or silicon! If it does, you need a barrier coat before applying wall film.
    • Choose the right image for you. Make sure it’s a high quality image, as you’ll be seeing a lot of it!
    • Make sure the wall is clean! It’s so important. A clean, dry wall helps everything stick and stay stuck.
    • Bubbles will happen when applying. Stay calm and gently work them out as you go.
    • If a bubble appears after application, don’t worry, it happens. It may just be a not-so-clean bit of wall. The film is very resilient, so just softly ease the bubble out. Use a pin to create a tiny hole if need be. Repeat procedure if it returns.
    • Use a helper! Whether it’s for aligning the drops, or pulling the backing paper .They’re there to help. Use them.
    • Use your hands to feel for any bubbles or creases as you go.
    • Trim with a sharp knife! This is a woven polyester product and a unsharp knife will tear the material, not cut it. And that won’t look good.
    • If you find that the adhesive is not strong enough for your wall, try using a spray adhesive as well.
    • And lastly, remember that this will create an awesome eye-popping feature. It is not made by billion dollar manufacturing robots in a German factory. It is custom designed and hand-made by us, and applied by you. So stand back and enjoy what you have created.
Frequently Asked Questions Frequently Asked Questions

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